Zijie Jin

My name is Jin Zijie, you can also call me Steve, I am a student of interior design at Wenzhou-Kean University. I love to laugh, to do interesting things, and to make friends with friends. In life, I enjoy food or dessert very much, that’s why my body shape is like this. I have a strong ability to accept, will actively take on the problem and try my best to solve it.

The four years of university study have gradually improved my self-study ability, and I also understand that my learning process has just begun. Modern society needs compound talents who combine theory and practice, so in the future life, I will continue to work hard and strive to become a pillar of the country’s needs.

This design refers to the aesthetic pursuit of the Nordic style, allowing people to stay away from the hustle and bustle of society and experience the comfort and pure emotion of returning to nature. The space is reminiscent of a white snow-capped mountain to create a tranquil atmosphere. This design uses a lot of wood and white materials. Through the contrast of lighting and natural light, the holy feeling of the interior is expressed. The choice of furniture also tends to be simple, which makes the whole design harmonious, and people can relax quickly.

Blue is an interesting color in design and ocean is synonymous with blue. People yearn to live by the sea, and sea view houses are expensive buildings. How to let everyone feel the charm of the ocean in the urban area, feel the tranquility and peace from the ocean, is a question worth thinking about. Therefore, this design is about the ocean, called Ocean Heart. The overall materials are durable and cleanable, blue is used to simulate the color of the ocean, and textures create a cozy atmosphere.

When talk to tavern, the first reaction is American or European taverns, but China also has its own wine culture. Hundreds of years ago, China had its own tavern form – inn. This kind of old bar with memories is the real Chinese tavern. So, this design will focus on restorating of Chinese traditional tavern. A traditional Chinese tavern is like a home, it can feel like home. The simple layout and the rough interior give people a special sense of security, allowing people to relax. As a three-story tavern, Night Coming will focus on the sense of atmosphere, hoping to give people a complete sense of the “Jiang Hu”.

Position is a furniture company specializing in the design of multiple meanings. It pursues the practicality and emotional specificity of furniture. All inspiration comes from the Master of Physics Schrödinger and his classic theory “Schrödinger’s cat” All furniture puts aside the complicated appearance design and uses simple shapes to express superposition. Turn non-existence into reality, regard uselessness as useful. Explain the concept of superposition state in quantum mechanics from microscopic to macroscopic. An object has two opposite properties at the same time. Like Schrödinger’s cat, the cat is both dead and alive when it is not being observed.