Zhenyi Shen

I’m not a designer, but an ordinary person. How mysterious is life, as if it were just so. Flow like water, and mark my words.

Project 1: Enchanting Melodies`Donghai Hall

Enchanting Melodies, is like a musical composition that portrays the melody of life. This series conveys the poetry found in life, akin to the emotional highs and lows in musical notes, capturing the beautiful harmonies of existence. The book records over two centuries of the Donghai Hall family’s life, shedding light on the humanistic background and everyday details that have been blurred by history, narrating the daily lives of the past. Donghai Hall and Dunyi Hall were the hall names of my grandmother’s family. This book chronicles the stories of our family over nearly 200 years since they moved from Ningbo to Jiaxing during the Jiaqing period in the mid-Qing Dynasty.

Project 2: Hidden Joy` Tea Space

Hidden Joy is another world, immersed in profound poetry. Surrounded by soft lights, you will be led into the world of tea and experience the charm of traditional tea. Every cup of fragrant tea is carefully prepared with ingenuity to fully reveal the true taste of tea. Here you can indulge in the fragrance of tea and feel the beauty of the indescribable “hidden joy” in life.

Project 3: Golden Years Vitality Residence

Our “Golden Years Vitality Residence” project aims to create a space where seniors can age gracefully, stay active, and lead fulfilling lives. Inspired by “harmony” and “garden” concepts, our design nurtures residents’ physical, emotional, and social well-being. Imagine a thriving garden where all elements coexist harmoniously, creating a warm atmosphere. Our senior living community is like this garden, where residents bloom together, symbolizing the balance between individuality and community.