Zekai Zeng

My major is Interior Design but because I have passion in game development, I am going to study Game Design for my master degree in UK. I like to chat with people, understand what they thinking and what they seeking, it helps me understand the world better. After graduate from WKU, I have plan to develop my games to better versions and publish them through publisher. To me, it’s an honor that people have a wonderful experience through playing the game that I designed for them. Except game development, I also have experience and passion in design itself, problem-solving is what my design focusing on.

Project 1: Mercenaries are Egoists

This is a multiplayer competitive online game, in which players are divided into 2 teams, and fight for certain map mechanisms to win the game. The rule is similar to Overwatch or Team Fortress. Players can select a hero and a weapon before starting the game. Each hero has a passive skill, a normal skill, and an ultimate skill.

Project 2: AKABO

Victory condition: Collect 8 gold

Plains: Collecting food takes one turn, roll a dice>3 to complete the food


Rich Plains: Mining gold takes one turn, roll a dice>3 to complete the gold mining.

Forest: Trigger a random forest event.

Spawn: Player revival point.

Town: Purchase combat cards; food trade (3 food can be exchanged for 1 gold); Wanted shows where the villains are. When a player enters town, they will receive 6 coins for shopping and players can only enter the town once every 3 turns. No combat is allowed in the town.

Project 3: 12/31

In 12/31, I aimed to create a sense of bewilderment among the players, leaving them uncertain of what had happened, but also piquing their curiosity about what would happen next. I apply my interior design skills to create this specific atmosphere. Fargo is one of my favorite Movies and TV seires for years. 12/31 is a game demo that shows my respect to Fargo season 2. The story happen in a roadside hut called “HH’s Hut”. Which is my version of “WAFFLE HUT” in Fargo Season 2.

Project 4: Wall of Sigh

When we facing the Wall of Sigh, we will eventually find that there is no way we can break it down and escape from Purgatorium to Elysum. The concept of Wall of Sigh is coming from ancient Greece myth, the wall is in between the border of Purgatorium and Elyssium, the wall is made by three sighs of Persephine. Meaning the Elysium is right there but we can‘t go through.’

Project 5: Seafood Store

While on a fishing ship in Iceland, the captain instructs you to gather shells on the black beach and fish in the ice-cold waters beneath the glacier. As you stroll along the black beach, you collect numerous shells, and then bravely plunge into the frigid water. To your amazement, you encounter a plethora of stunning fish. After your hands are filled with the treasures of the sea, you return to the fishing ship and package them up.