Yili Liang

Customers are in a state of ease, without restraint, when people are drunk, people will be at their pursue state. People can find suitable place for self, such as single people can have a seat in the most convenience. This bar also contains a group people to have some entertainment, like singing, watching movie or other kinds of real.

Community is essential for sounding people to talk, work, and entertainment, which can help people build stronger social relationships and achieve other meanings. Nowadays, communities are high luxury level service or basic sports activities areas. People need a compound functional place to finish a series of requirements and have more relaxing conversations with family members. This boundless community creates a free atmosphere to promote people more willing to relax and open hearts to have a conversation with family. They are making the family conversation to be a habit like running. In this space, there are fewer bonds and make a combination with the surrounding natural sense.

The project is to design a classroom with a unique aesthetic that emanates a young and free sports, giving spaces a natural look and claiming appeal. In this classroom, children are not limited to finishing the cooking and making course, which also can help children to move in the forest and observe the natural feature. For example, by climbing a tree, sitting under a tree, and doing other activities, children can touch and feel close to nature.

Balance life between a crushing life and a relaxing holiday is hard to satisfy and meet in modern urban life. More and more people are busy with work and need more time and opportunity to rest in their dream holiday location. In this residential space, all the architectural constructions are portable and flexible, like walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. People can arrange their life scenes according to their daily demands, such as meeting, resting, watching, and other movements. It maximizes the experience in a limited living space. In the other side, it is a strong hint and encouragement that hope residents could immediately pack their backpacks and take their luggage to start their travel. Pay only a little energy waiting and think about when to rest.