Yi Wei

My name is Wei Yi Joy and I come from the Interior Design of the Wenzhou-Kean University School. I am extremely fond of my field of study and my four years at the university have provided me with a wealth of knowledge, as well as fostered qualities such as focus, critical thinking, and conscientiousness. Over this period, I frequently participated in competitions and achieved some notable results, including two awards and a scholarship. Besides academics, I also took an internship during my sophomore year to prepare for my future career, which helped me better understand what I needed to learn and improve. My ultimate goal is to become a qualified and exceptional interior designer.

In this project, our focus is on changing the existing problems such as the lack of space and dim lighting in the library. Taking inspiration from the bamboo forest on the hill behind the school, we aim to provide a convenient campus life for students, create a reading atmosphere for the school, and offer students a high-quality reading environment by carrying out the complete renovation of the library and the external corridor.

This project is based on my personal experience. The objective is to provide a better living environment for contemporary university students and working professionals who reside in shared apartments, enabling them to enjoy life beyond their busy schedules. The project involves the conversion of three floors of a building into a shared space, or a public living room. The inspiration comes from the traditional alleyways of Beijing, with the hopes of reviving the simple emotions of friendliness, mutual aid, and harmony among people through this project.

This project is the design of a kindergarten library and multifunctional classroom. The inspiration for this project comes from the tree holes on the trees in the forest, because it is the nature of young children to like to crawl into small spaces. Creating a safe and narrow space for exploration and shuttle is in line with their needs. The middle part of the project is a multifunctional classroom, which is provided for teachers and children to watch movies. The surrounding area is divided into independent reading areas and group reading areas. The group reading area is a place where teachers and children can sit down and share their reading experiences or where teachers can lead reading.

This project is an environmental project. We have chosen to renovate the parking area for electric cars in the school, making use of the high sunshine intensity and longer sunshine duration in Wenzhou. We will use solar panels in this parking area to convert solar energy into electricity. Additionally, we have also noticed that there is no electric car washing area