Shengmin Xia

I studied interior design during my undergraduate studies and minored in art history. I will continue to pursue further studies, strive to learn more spatial design skills, and do what I love.

Project 1:

The project was to build a sustainable residence. My client was a 40-year-old mother and her 13-year-old daughter. Both mother and daughter enjoy the natural elements, love traveling and painting. Therefore, my design mainly takes a bohemian style, bringing in a lot of natural elements and outdoor light to fulfill the client’s needs.

Project 2:

“Breath” The relationship between the company and customers, the relationship between the company’s employees, the relationship between the employees and the office space, they should be like breathing, to reach a comfortable point.

Project 3:

This project aims to delve into the historical significance and socio-cultural aspects of the Roman Baths, to study their influence on the Turkish Baths, and to use these insights to renovate a hotel on a former site on the beach in Istanbul, Turkey. The goal was to create an integrated beachfront public bath. people can constantly feel this blend of history and modernity in their minds and bodies.