Sa Chen

My name is Chen Sa, and I’m a recent interior design graduate from Wenzhou-Kean University. I come from Jinhua. Some of my interests include travelling, tarot, Fengshui and reading. I possess strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which I believe are key attributes of a great academic career. In the future, I hope to study fashion management. My short-term goal is to achieve excellence in the skills I’m mastering, take up a challenge in some good organizations, and climb the ladder of success. However, my long-term goal is to become a member of the marketing department or a fashion buyer of a luxury group and reach the highest level of success.

Project 1: Villa renovation project

This building is on a rugged hill. The owner of the villa wanted to have a place suitable for family holidays and require a teahouse and piano room. It took our company nearly a month to design this project. I participated in on-site measurements, model design, model construction, and floor plan design. The interior features a warm brown color tone, with no complex decorations. The cozy atmosphere is created by the presence of woven textiles and wooden elements throughout.

Project 2: Children’s Picture Book Gallery

The theme of the children’s picture book gallery is hide and seek. The reason for choosing this project was that there are few picture book galleries in Wenzhou, parents find it difficult to purchase suitable children’s books, especially children’s books from other countries. This will be a warm children’s picture book gallery, where has many functional partitions. For example, reading area, leisure area, classroom, art exhibition and performance area, teachers’ office, mother and baby room, toilet, service counter and storeroom.

Project 3: Nine Bar

This project is named nine bar, which is a music bar. I chose modern style to represent the high quality of life details that people are enjoying and to integrate the bar into the street. The basic colors of the project are black, white, and brown. In this project, I used stone, wood finishes, metal crafts to emphasize functionality, experience high quality modern life, and create a casual, relaxed bar environment. At the same time, I abandon complicated and redundant decoration, adopt simple design characteristics, more in line with the high pace of urban life.

Project 4: 16pf Furniture Making Exhibition

This is a group project for a furniture-making course, and the chosen theme is the Sixteen Personality Factor. We selected three distinct personality types and aligned them with corresponding actions to reflect the intended usage of the furniture. Finally we made a lights, a screen and a sofa. The lamp can be rotated by the user, the sofa can undergo varying degrees of deformation based on the user’s usage, the screen can serve both as decoration and as an outlet for the user’s emotions, and the small balls inside will jump with vibrations.