Jinying Fu

I’m Fu Jinying. My major is interior design. I am passionate about design and dare to experiment with different forms and ideas. Creating designs is something that excites me. I am eager to keep learning and exploring the field of design. Although everyone has a different understanding of design, I believe that design needs to be innovative and from the user’s perspective. In the future, I hope to find my career path as a designer.

200 sqm pet hospital revocation design in Wenzhou, named “Forest.” Starting from the background of the development of the pet industry in China, the problems of Wenzhou Enbei Pet Hospital (Longwan) renovate to break the general pet hospital design. Through interior design, achieve a pet-friendly pet hospital. The concept used in the project is the popsicle stick, which is transformed into waffle structures and used in the space’s central shelf and ceiling design. The goal is to add interest and integrity to the room. The method of active and inactive areas expands the reach for pets to move around in the interior.

Design of a three-story store along the street in Wenzhou, which is called “Platform 9 3/4”. Creation of a bar with a classic American metro concept. They were inspired by the subway in New York and the New York subway car as the main design, combined with other traditional American elements in the bar. The bar is an American-themed exploration of memories. Here, people can temporarily get away from the noise of the city and relax to enjoy the feeling of being “abroad.” The overall space of the bar is made of stainless steel, with orange as the most transparent color in the area.

The coffee shop is in the scenic Dachstein Rieseneishöhle, Austria. The concept of interior space is “Sweet Spring.” The space gives a feeling of brightness and flows through furniture and lighting. The purpose is to allow visitors to have a spiritual relaxation there, just like the excellent feeling brought by the spring. Visitors can enjoy the surrounding scenery while taking a break. The coffee shop is located on a cliff-side platform in a scenic area, where there will be a lot of wind. Therefore, the coffee shop’s arch is the structure of the roof, which is more robust.

“GoGreen Solar Station” is a sustainable design for charging e-Bike on campus. On top of solar charging, it adds the function of storing rainwater for washing bikes. And the format makes e-bike placement more reasonable. The solar panel is based on the concept of a traditional Chinese paper fan. Compared with the ordinary solar panel, this design can increase the area of the solar panel receiving sunlight. At the same time, it increases the combination form of solar energy. For students, it can have a more convenient and comfortable charging experience.