Jinhan Gao

I’m an interior design student and I’m good at combining aesthetic sensibility with a deep understanding of space planning and color coordination. And I also have excellent communication and teamwork skills, and I am committed to delivering high-quality designs. I am outgoing and sociable. In addition, he also has a wide range of hobbies, such as traveling and photography during school.

The jungle is not only a mysterious para- dise that every child yearns for, but also a play paradise that children love. Through various elements, we can com- bine it with the restaurant. In the process of eating with children, we can also know the jungle, get in touch with nature, open children’s nature, dare to go out outdoors and feel the beauty of nature.

This project takes Monopoly as the design concept and integrates it into the space design. Taking children as the theme object, it is divided into two activity areas, inside and outside. The sense of participation in the entire space allows children to integrate into the entire activity space. Monopoly-themed interiors can bring back the fun and memories of games for teens, creating a fun and vibrant space.

The bar is located on a community street in the old town of Wenzhou, next to it are various old- fashioned clothing stores. It hides in a decaying corner of the city, hence the name of the bar, so the name of the bar is (Cang Bar). Now most people are free from the trend of the metropolis, pursuing the pure physical impact of clubs, bars and livehouses. But I want to provide a place to find understanding and warmth, where alcohol brings not just neurological pleasure, but also spiritual resonance.

The three furniture players in 2MP are performers in different fields of life. They involuntarily but passively turn their bodies consciously. The core is Maslow’s pyramidal class needs. The three furniture are produced when human needs are not satisfied but advanced needs. Preserving a stream of consciousness of “one wave of unrest and another wave of resurgence”. It expresses our thinking about society, desires and a better life. The root cause is people’s longing for a better life. Through the unconscious rolling of this small ball in a confined space, it criticizes the status quo of human spirit in contemporary society, which makes readers We have to face our questions about this experimental device and think about current social issues.