Buge Yao

My name is Buge Yao, come from Wenzhou. I am studying Interior Design at Wenzhou Kean University. I love painting, basketball, and electronic games. Since I was young, I have developed a deep interest in design and my dream is to become a professional designer. On the path of learning design, I gradually developed a passion for the field of interior design. At the same time, with the encouragement of my teachers and parents, I ultimately chose it as my future direction. It still takes a lot of courage and hard work to design this path. I hope that in the future, through my design, more people can live in unique and warm homes.

A karting playground project located in Lingkun Island, Wenzhou, named “Karting Island”. It will be the first diversified indoor karting playground in China, and the interior style will also adopt a very sci-fi cyberpunk style. The entire karting playground not only includes karting sports, but also will set up various entertainment items such as catering, camping, and handcraft experience. At the same time, the first karting cultural center will be set up in the venue, so that old and new karting players can have a more comprehensive understanding of karting culture and experience the speed and passion brought by karting. “Karting Island” will bring you a whole day’s play experience.

A bar renovation project in the old city of Wenzhou called “All Night”. Drinking, chatting and live music all in one. Here you can enjoy a whole night of leisure and complete relaxation. The design style of the bar tends to be retro. The entire interior is dominated by exposed brick walls, large wooden floors, wooden tables and chairs, and is embellished by some marble countertops. There are also vintage fixtures with exposed bulbs that radiate a warm glow. These exposed bricks and warm lighting create a retro bar vibe. The wooden tables and chairs and the bar also represent primitive and retro. At the same time, it is more in line with the atmosphere of this old street without being obtrusive.

A renovation project of a kindergarten activity classroom. The classroom is used as an activity place for children to learn and do crafts. The interior space is inspired by the colorful fondant that children love to eat. Three of these colors were selected as the main colors, and wood veneer and soft suede material were used in a large area to better enhance the indoor effect and protect the safety of children. The tables used in the interior are also in the form of free movement and splicing. Their shapes are fan-shaped, and their inspiration comes from fudge.

This is a design project of a detached villa located in the suburbs. Designed for a family of three to come and rest before the holidays. Design and plan according to the work and rest habits and hobbies of the three people. The entire villa is divided into three floors, the first floor is the living room and kitchen, the second floor is the study and studio, and the third floor is the bedroom. Use a lot of floor-to-ceiling glass to get better lighting and allow them to better appreciate the natural beauty outside. The interior mainly uses blue tones, and the materials are brick and wood veneer, creating a sense of retro fashion.