Biying Wu

I am an outgoing interior designer with good communication skills. I hope to integrate my thoughts and feelings into my design. As an interior designer, I actively communicate and try to create different Spaces with different ways, materials and feelings.

Dr. Stephen Shore famously said, “If you’ve met an autistic person, you’ve met an autistic person.” That’s the real payoff; autism is not a solvable problem. It is countless people presenting countless different life experiences. This is a project made for children with autism, they can have the opportunity to play and heal in this space. The space provides special treatment methods for children with autism through sensory, inclusive curves, and natural spaces.

The concept of the whole environment is generated from the cell, and it is from a cell that children develop from the very beginning. The dining area is also inspired by this, creating a cell play dining area for children.

The whole dining environment is full of fun, so that children can also enjoy time during the meal. The whole space is based on cells. Whether it is the overall color tone or the shape of the furniture, children can better experience the kindergarten life when they play.

The project unfolds and designs the movement and space of the perfume store through the story line and psychological changes of the characters in the perfume.

Furniture should not be defined directly; it can bring about changes in the user’s senses and behavior. ROTATOR “Hypnotic Furniture” does not limit the functionality of the furniture but wants to increase the interaction between people and the furniture; ROTATOR is also like hypnosis is a cycle, it brings a dizzying experience through the senses of sight and smell, repetitive rotation.