Zhuoxue Li

I’m a designer, dreamer, and nature enthusiast. My love for art and design shapes the work that I do.

Project 1:

This project is called wensuya living. The client of this project is a mother and daughter from Japan. The mother is a writer and the daughter is a student. Both of them love reading and have their own cultural pursuits. The interior style they want is wabi-sabi style.

Project 2:

This project is called QingCheng Design Studio. As the name suggests, this is an office space with green and orange as the main colors. Most of the workers here are young designers with great ambitions, and this is a good platform for them to pursue their dreams.

Project 3:

This project is called China Domestic New Energy Car Exhibition. The project is planned to be located at Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It brings together the five major new energy car brands from China. In this space, each brand shows its unique advantages and strengths while giving customers the best car buying experience.