Yuqing Ou

I’m a designer, dreamer, and nature enthusiast. My love for art and design shapes the work that I do.

Project 1: Senior Activity Center Design

The design of this project focuses on the provision of various activities and services for the elderly to promote their physical and mental health and social activities. An activity centre for the elderly can provide a platform for the elderly to express themselves, increase their sense of well-being and prevent them from being forgotten by time.

Project 2: Zhu Yuan Lounge

Parent-child activities are of great significance in education. It is very necessary to participate in parent-child activities with children. However, parent-child activities will bring pressure to many parents. In most parent-child activities, everything is 100% around children, but no one considers the pressure of parents.Therefore, our design is to serve parents in parent-child activities, aiming to improve parents’ experience in parent-child activities.

Project 3: Office Design

The main purpose of this project is to design a multidisciplinary design office. As a designer’s workplace, the atmosphere should be relaxing and interesting so as to release more creative inspirations. In terms of color scheme, the main colors used are blue, pink and green. In terms of space layout, the concept of honeycomb is adopted, using a variety of hexagonal structure combinations. Let the original dull office environment renewed new working energy.