Yun Zhong

I work actively and seriously, careful, and responsible, skilled use of office automation software, good at work to put forward problems, find problems, solve problems, have strong analytical ability; Diligent, studious, practical, practical, practical ability, serious and responsible, have a strong sense of social responsibility; Persistent, hard-working, like and good at meeting new challenges. To be an excellent interior designer is my dream. I hope I can fulfill my dream in the future. To be an excellent interior designer is my dream. I hope I can fulfill my dream in the future.

Project 1: Fan Culture Museum

The fan is a ventilator, a necessary thing for summer. Chinese traditional fan culture has profound cultural deposits and is an integrated part of Chinese national culture. In traditional Chinese society, fans are closely related to People’s Daily life. Now fans are gradually fading out of the world of young people. The Fan Culture Experience Hall will gradually bring young people into the world of fans.

Project 2: Kindergarten

A lot of wood is used in the whole space, and the warm temperament of wood makes the space become friendly. In the hard installation, orange and green with low saturation are used to light up the space, which is lively but not eye-catching, and more suitable for children’s space. In the late soft installation, the children’s center uses some bright yellow furniture and toys to enrich the color in the space. The overall color is rich but not messy, and the facilities in the space complement each other, very warm and comfortable.

Project 3: Bar

The courtyard on the first floor is suitable for gatherings and large groups of customers. In the courtyard, people don’t have to worry about affecting other customers. The second floor is a relatively quiet area, suitable for people to date and discuss matters. There is a small flower bed on the third floor, which is relatively bright and suitable for people to gather.

It is a three-story apartment designed for a family of five. The father is a very busy lawyer, and the mother is a full-time mother, and they have raised three children. In order to ensure that everyone can complete their favorite activities in this home, reasonable space planning is the most important thing in this apartment. This is the space for the children to grow up, the space for the father to work, and the place where the mother lives every day, so the comfort and the green plants that the mother likes must be indispensable. The entire interior design serves for the better life of the entire extended family.