Yijing Chen

I am a designer and love to explore nature. Moving works of art are often not monumental, but hidden in the details of the everyday.

Project 1: The Dreamy Club

The proposed project design is based on the concept of fairy tale design, which establishes the overall goal of the program to create a bright, friendly shared space for co-parenting and working. Fairy tales represent the wild imagination of children. But for the adult world, fairy tales are a dream of innocence. In the fairy tale world, parents can relieve the stress of parenting alone and relax as if they were in nature. Spaces with fairy tale atmosphere such as “forest” corridor, cloud-themed coffee bar, ocean book corner, dream theater and starlight garden create a place where parents and children can enhance parentchild bonding and have a good spatial experience. The open space of the building also meets the needs of both parents and children. This imaginative fairy tale world seems to be a utopia in the hearts of adults, breaking the pressure of parenting issues that families endure in the real world.

Project 2: Liberation Club

This project is mainly to liberate people trapped in life, epidemics and other difficulties through various means, so the project is named “Liberation” Club. Books are the main fulcrum, bookstores are the main carrier, emancipating the mind is our main purpose, and listening is the only thing we can do. People can come to the countryside to experience running a bookstore and “liberate” themselves from the pressure brought by the city; there is also the operation of a coffee shop, and customers can choose the number of operating days, mode, type of books, interior decoration, etc. At the same time, we will also hold communication activities such as reading clubs and “talk shows”, which are all within the management scope of the operator. In all communication activities, we have a rule, no evaluation, only listening. In addition, there is a free-to-use studio where you can freely use your talents (writing, illustrations, etc.), and the works you create can be sold on the display rack as peripherals. The “Liberation” Club has also opened a public account and mini-program with the same name, which can provide reservation services and preview the exciting content of related activities.

Project 3: Hope School Project

This project aims to solve the existing problems of insufficient space and dim lighting in the library of Fengyang Township Central Primary School in Taishun County, Wenzhou. Taking the bamboo forest on the hill behind the school as design inspiration, the library and external corridors are comprehensively renovated to provide students with convenient campus life, create a reading atmosphere for the school, and provide students with a high-quality reading environment.