Yi Lin

I am fascinated by the study of the relationship between humans and the environment.

Project 1:

The book mainly tells the past and present of lacquerware; that is, it illustrates the flourishing development of Chinese lacquerware from the perspective of excavated cultural relics, as well as the development of Chinese lacquerware today, which includes traditional lacquerware forms and new artistic directions for the application of lacquer.

Project 2:

The program starts from the deep-rooted cause of people’s sedentary lifestyle, i.e., they know that the solution to the pain of lumbar spine problems is to move more, but because of laziness or lack of self-discipline that results in prolonged immobility, it is “mandatory” to remind and require people to stand up and exercise regularly. Also directly for people to choose the exercise program and content, the chair and mobile yoga ball combined to reduce the time people hesitate and choose, fit the main service population of the project, and meet the high efficiency requirements of office workers.

Project 3:

Chinese lacquer, as an important symbol of traditional Chinese culture,has a very long history. When I found that lacquer gradually faded out of people’s sight, the lacquer culture stagnated. As a lover of traditional Chinese culture, I hope to revitalise the lacquer industry and create a venue that combines tradition and innovative development so that the public can better understand lacquer.