Sihan Jin

I’m a designer, dreamer, and nature enthusiast. My love for art and design shapes the work that I do.

Project 1: Back to Culture

Ou Opera and since many old people and migrants live in this village, this project aims to reform Culture Auditorium with a multifunction area and an exhibition hall. Aligning the building with the surrounding buildings, the main material uses concrete. I designed the stage as a round lift, the wall with round arc windows and doorways echoing the stage, the stairs can go straight to the exhibition hall on the other side, and visitors can watch the stage performance from the window in the exhibition hall.

Project 2: Pocket Market

This project revolves around the theme of the movable modular market, combines social needs with architecture and interior design, uses a simple architectural design style as its main theme, meets the requirements of sustainable development in terms of overall layout, and the parts are easily disassembled and replaced. Bamboo laminates representing the south of the Yangtze River are used as materials, and the basic and simple decorating and layout create a market ambiance. Not only is the appearance simple and straightforward, but several functions may be fully portrayed in a little space.

Project 3: Myth & Truth

The site is in the old town and surrounded by residential areas. In order to let the facade match the style of the whole street, I designed a speakeasy.
The first floor uses the minimalist style and is placed with several vending machines that are hidden enough not to be found so it’s mysterious for people.
By entering the round lift, people reach the second floor, then they will find it’s a hidden bar. The reflection of the mirror will give people the illusion of not knowing the space, like a labyrinth. People can have old wine on the second floor. The third floor uses irregular radian shapes and the bartender making new bartending.

Project 4: Cypher

The name of the furniture brand is Cipher. In this collection of furniture, the inspiration and basic principle is Samuel Morse’s representative work – Morse code.
Morse code is a way to transmit information privately and our design mainly focus on the interaction between human and furniture. The color we mainly use is sage green because the color is reminiscent of communication tools such as the old-fashioned telegraph, it takes people back to the context of encrypted communication and echoes our basic principles.