Shutong Yang

I am an interior design student. I prefer to create different forms of design and enjoy the process of creating space. Not only can I create comfortable spaces for people in the real world, but I can also be a dreamer in the virtual world.

Project 1: X-COURT

The theme of this project is based on a future world and addresses the issue of social interaction. The scenario takes place in the year 2500, where people are becoming less and less communicative in real life, creating a fear of communicating with people face to face. In the metaverse, which is a completely autonomous space, people have a new virtual image and are therefore more courageous in expressing themselves. However, it causes problems with online violence. The metaverse’s detection devices can help to identify such problems and help them to solve them in both real and virtual space.

Project 2: Yeasst Block

With the development of the city, the community ecology in some areas gradually presents a slow and repeated downward spiral. The final result is that the community is rigid, like a dough without fermentation. Here, the population proportion is unbalanced, infrastructure is outdated, public security is chaotic, and the economy is in recession. These areas need fresh blood to activate and break the inherent boundaries. The migrant population is such fresh blood, just like yeast. They are young and energetic, willing to cooperate and share in the appropriate environment and stimulate the original rigid ecology to revitalize.

Project 3: Special Cube

“Human beings are born with disabilities.” Everything is relative. Broadly speaking, everyone has his or her own special needs, but the needs of special children are more distinctive in their own right. Special education is education for children with special needs, and by helping them learn to be self-reliant, we are also helping to ease the burden on society.

Project 4: Rubik’s Cube World

Today, many major cities are full of construction sites, in which groups of construction workers generally have poor accommodations, with simple container houses. And in many cases, they live in groups without much privacy, and entertainment and infrastructure are largely absent. Therefore, I will create a project to renovate the space for construction workers. Although this is only a temporary place for them to live, their quality of life will be improved during this time, and they will feel at home. Such a temporary ‘community’ would meet almost all their living needs.