Luyao Zheng

I’m a designer, dreamer, and nature enthusiast. My love for art and design shapes the work that I do.

Project 1: The “Evening Chat” talk show Bar

The “Evening Chat” talk show Bar project encompasses an interior design proposal, a business marketing plan, and a complete brand design. The design concept revolves around the theme of “Island Oasis,” with each of the three floors symbolizing a distinct aspect: a secluded island, warm solid land, and a floating island suspended within the city. The bar’s second floor creates a small interactive space for stand-up comedy performances, inviting the audience to collectively reflect on serious matters in a relaxed ambiance.

Project 2: Taishun Hengkeng Primary School Student Reading Room Renovation Project

The integration of a library and a meeting room at Taishun Elementary School has created a unique and flexible space. The circular meeting table and semi-open reading area encourage free movement and communication while also providing opportunities for exploration. The design considers the fluidity of the space, with some students reading in a semi-enclosed area and others in a more open space. The layout also emphasizes the sense of security and stability, creating a warm and creative atmosphere that promotes learning and communication.

Project 3: The polygonal nest Social space for seniors living alone

The polygonal nest is a public social space exclusively for the elderly living alone, which permeates the public “living room” in every aspect of the second-floor space. It has changed the traditional point-to-point model where volunteers take care of the elderly unilaterally, and instead the elderly support each other, establishing a polygonal social network, and gradually weaving a network from the center to the surrounding. The polygonal nest gathers regular activities, seating area, performance area, chess and card area and radio station area. By constructing such a social space, it can help the elderly living alone to establish a solid bond.

Project 4: “Morning Fog” Complex Apartment Design

“Morning Fog” is a complex apartment designed for a Geographic magazine contract photographer and her adopted son. The design concept is to use this residence as a haven, a place for short breaks and escapes from the outside world, ready for the next voyage after resting in the harbor. There is a hollow in the middle of the loft to create an open vertical space. The first floor houses the photography studio, conversation space and living room. A viewing terrace with plants is set up on the second floor. The oncoming morning mist and weak sunlight are expressed as the language of space, and the materials and lighting of the entire interior space are configured.