Linyu Mao

Use limited space to create infinite space and give life to materials. Space has its own life, and design gives soul. As an interior designer, I believe that creation is about releasing art from the mind. The beauty of the soul comes from human emotions such as selflessness, altruism and love, and when these beautiful emotions naturally permeate into the works and work process, the energy generated is enough to create a win-win and happy harmony.

When non-biodegradable substances such as plastics are discharged into the sea, thousands of plastics gather in the ocean through ocean currents, forming many “garbage patches”. Based on this major environmental issue, we conducted an in-depth study to plan the possible development of the ocean city in the future. Using IsPETase, a microorganism known to degrade plastics, as the theme concept, we imply that our cities also have the function of decomposing plastics and synthesizing required substances like this microorganism.

Xinhe Siqianbridge Street is a historic street with a lengthy history, how- ever the emergence of modern society has steadily weakened its im- portance. This project’s research goal is to resurrect the historic street business and preserve the waterfront culture. The “Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” produced by Wang Ximeng, a painter of the Northern Song, was utilized as inspiration to enhance the main features of the picture, which are “tourable and liveable”. It can bring people back to nature from the contemporary metropolis by constructing a historic street with features.

Modern people are always facing various pressures in their lives. People will find various ways to release their pressure and adjust their mentality in their free time. Alcohol and music is one way, Blue house is a blues music theme bar, where people can enjoy the healing brought by music while drinking alcohol. Go into the blue house and let the alcohol and music wash away your sorrows.

In this project, I want to let people experience the local traditional culture from a new perspective through the combination of people’s senses. At the same time, it can also be used as a highlight to at- tract more people to come here and drive the development of the surrounding economy.