Hanying Zheng

My name is Halley. I am an interior design student with a passion for space. Throughout my journey, I gained valuable experience and skills at the university.

I thrive on the relationship between people and space. I am an introvert, optimistic, sincere individual who is always eager to learn and grow. I believe in the power of innovation, and I am constantly looking for ways to apply it in my studies.

With a degree in interior design from Wenzhou-Kean University, I have a solid foundation to tackle challenges and contribute meaningfully. In addition, I have a few relevant experiences that have allowed me to develop strong practical skills and a keen eye for detail.

The fishing village of Dongsha is in the southeastern coastal region of China’s Zhejiang. Although the village is rich in fishing resources, the loss of its young workforce and its aging population has become a major problem for the development.
The design is based on four large installations built from the ground up along a mountain road. They are the amphitheatre, the fish market, the cloister of time, and the observation deck. This project revitalises the fishery and tourism by intending to revive the memories of the older generation and transmitting cultural ideas to the local youth.

Project 2: IDOL MUSEUM

Good idols can motivate teens to work hard, and some idols can negatively influence the behavior of their fans. But a few cases show that some contemporary idols have no strength or substance and have lost the spirit of their idols.

The pursuit of the idol should begin with the improvement of the idol itself. By designing an immersive space, the viewer is guided through the experience of how icons labeled by institutions. Under the ‘Devil’s Boot Camp’ transformation, people are becoming numb to idols. The space is a refutation of the idol-making process and the loss of the spirit of the idol.

Project 3: EMMERSE

2048 As the economy grows rapidly and the pace of life quickens, some people gradually lose interest in everything around them and most of their emotions. They rush to the “colorful” life of others and are willing to pay high prices. Small shops appeared on the black market, allowing the poor to sell their affections for money; Some poor people choose to sell their emotions to escape a life of poverty. The machine extracts people’s memories, condenses the emotions, and finally produces them into products one by one… And memory, the vehicle of emotion, once extracted, is lost forever.


Mendittorosa is a niche fragrance brand from Italy. Founder Stefania Squeglia is an aficionado of tarot cards, so the creation of the fragrance is also laced with mystery. The perfumers are keen to use a variety of materials with different textures and colours to highlight the theme of each fragrance, and the bottles and packaging are handmade. Plus, each of Mendieta’s fragrances has a story behind it. Whether theological or cosmological, the design of the bottle and the scent reflect the freedom and independence of the fragrance’s personality.