Fanyi Bo

During my four years as an undergraduate, I gained an understanding of the structure and design of spaces through studying interior design. I have done many space design and renovation projects based on my own ideas. I am also very interested in fashion management, and in my future direction, I will combine my interests with my undergraduate studies to delve into the planning and management of fashion retail spaces. In my future career plans, I will explore the intersection of design, fashion, and business to contribute to the development of this dynamic industry.

Project 1 Pet Clinic

This pet clinic renovation project is located in the Tianmuli Business district of Hangzhou. The aim of the project is to change the status quo of today's pet clinics in China, which only have a single medical function, by adding an emotional function to the clinic and providing a comfortable, hygienic, and reassuring environment for the pets and their owners who visit the clinic. The concept of the clinic uses natural elements that animals love, aiming to create a forest in the city to ease their anxiety when entering the clinic.

Project 2 Kindergarten Project- Pre School

This is a Kindergarten design project in Wenzhou. The interior venue is the dining area and the project’s theme is the cellular element, with interesting cellular structures serving as the main inspiration for the area with the most highlights – the marine ball relaxation area. This allows the children to have a place to play after their meal and helps parents to have their own ample mealtime. The colorful cellular colors are the inspiration for the space’s color scheme, creating a child’s playful world.

Project 3 CIPHER

This is a furniture set inspired by Morse Code and derived from the main principles. The furniture consists of a floor lamp, a headphone stand, and a cabinet that interacts with the user through light, sound, and touch as derived means of transmission. The color of the furniture is moss green to simulate a military feel and create a coded and decrypted atmosphere. The furniture has a domestic function and a communication and information function, allowing the customer to communicate through the furniture in an encrypted manner with their own customized code.

Project 4 Exhibition Design

This is the design of a pavilion and sales premises. I hope to create a platform that combines fashion brands with trendy culture, exposing more people to this culture and providing a better platform for brands to showcase and sell their products, as well as promoting the rise and heritage of Chinese culture. For the appearance of the building, I have used three irregular shapes to form the whole building. This echoes the logo, which is made up of three colors: red, yellow, and blue. The shape of the building is different when viewed from different angles, it can add interest to the building and expresses the flexibility of the platform as a third-party platform.