Danmeng He

I love interior design and devote great enthusiasm and energy to it. During the four years of study, I am proficient in CAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, Illustrator and other design software. Also familiar with Word, Excel and other office software. In addition, personally, I am cheerful, honest and trustworthy, healthy, active in thinking, good at communication, and have strong learning and innovation ability. After four years of exercise, I believe I can create a world of my own in interior design.

With the development of The Times, more and more clothes waste, the waste phenomenon is more and more frequent. Meanwhile, the development of Beilun District of Ningbo has gradually separated the old factory from the surrounding environment. Shenzhou Company is the first batch of enterprises to drive the economic development of Beilun District in the 1980s. Now the
location of this area is very good, there are schools, houses, hospitals, food courts and so on. Part of the old factory buildings be renovated into DIY clothing stores, which can attract more consumers and reduce the generation of clothes waste.

Our renovation project is Hengkeng Primary School in Taishun County, where the original art classroom is renovated into a reading room. We named the renovated reading space “inStudy”. The purpose is to create a fun and practical reading environment for children. Combined with the preliminary investigation, we believe that it is very important to make the space present
interesting mobility, which can reduce the restrictions on students’ activities. We hope that inStudy will not only be a place for students to read, but also a place for them to gather their energy and imagination.

For this project, we actually visited the kindergarten on the spot, took measurements and drew a plan. And on the basis of this we did the interior design, hoping to give children a perfect childhood. The overall design is divided into two levels. The first floor is a more open space and the second floor is a private space. The central position is formed by a large circular bookshelf. The two sides of the arc are stairs and slides, adding more interest. In the first floor space, including class area, canteen area, play area and so on. The second floor is a space for children to take a lunch break. Children can have more fun exploring this interior space.

This is a cat coffee project. Cats were first considered auspicious in Egypt and had a high status in Egyptian times. Most people in Egypt believe in Islam, so the style of Islam fits with the whole cat coffee space. The first floor is a place to play with cats, while the second floor is a place to drink coffee and relax. The facade is made of light yellow acrylic bricks in the shape of a pyramid, adding the overall mysterious color.